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Escape Wellness Spa has been voted the best massage in Pensacola for years because we only hire professionals who are passionate about taking excellent care of our clients.

You’re in the best hands in town at ESCAPE. Our licensed massage therapists have gained valuable training in a variety of disciplines from Thai Yoga and Swedish, to myoskeletal alignment, deep tissue, neuromuscular, and structural integration, which influence their massage techniques and create an experience unlike you’ve ever had before.

Escape Wellness Package $159
60 min Signature Massage + 60 min Signature Facial
Escape Signature Massage Couples Signature Massage*
30 minute* $55 60 minute $185
60 minute $85 90 minute $245
90 minute $115
120 minute $165 Couples Specialty Massage*
Instructional 120 minute** $185
Advanced Massage Treatments Add-Ons Strawberry & Champagne**
Masters Massage $20 60 minute $245
Sports Enhancement Massage $15 90 minute $299
Hot Stone Massage $20 Champagne & Rose**
Intensive Massage $15 60 minute $245
Aromatherapy $10 90 minute $299
*not available with hot stone
Dry Brushing **please book at least 48 hours in advance
Individual Treatment $65
Upgrade to another service $20 Prenatal Massage
60 minute $85
Body Bronzing 90 minute $115
Individual Spray Tan $45 120 minute $165
Package of 3 Spray Tans $99
Luxurious Upgrades
Signature Luxe Massage – Indulge and take your signature massage to the next level! Our mouth-watering Watermelon-Basil Scrub revives your hands & feet while our vitamin packed Honey Glaze Hydration treatment nourishes. Our Anti-Aging Agave nectar oil moisturizes during your full body massage resulting in a hydrated, glowing appearance. $45
Watermelon-Basil Vodkatini Hand & Foot Scrub – A juicy slice of delight – this refreshing exfoliation will renew your skin leaving it baby-butt soft along with the tempting scent of fruit & herbs! $15
Sweet Cream Hand & Foot Treatment – With all natural ingredients our Sweet Cream Body Milk will fall over you like milk & leave a light fresh scent of warm sweet cream. The mild milk and oat scent is so mild, yet sweet & scrumptious. $15
Anti-Aging Agave Nectar Massage –This full body Anti-Aging massage oil is infused with Sandalwood, Barley & Amurense Bark.A combination that has been proven to significantly improve skin’s trans epidermal water loss, resulting in a hydrated, plumper, less wrinkled appearance. $15
Honey Heel Glaze Hydration Treatment –Packed with Vitamins E, B & C this honey based moisture veil uses live papaya fruit cells which deliver nutrients to dry and tired skin immediately! $15
Dry Brushing Treatment – The light pressure against your skin and the direction in which we brush helps move lymph fluid into the lymph nodes so waste can then be eliminated. Your body naturally does this, but dry brushing speeds up the process and at the same time boosts circulation, delivering oxygenated blood to the skin and other organs, which helps them do their jobs better. $20



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